Painting into Life will be available in mid October 2020

I am pleased to tell you that I have almost finished my new book that it will be available to buy next month.

Lockdown was a perfect time to finish it ! I am self publishing and it will be a beautiful hardback book with 60 large colour reproductions, texts, poems and chapters describing how intuitive painting shaped my life. 

Here is the back cover text: 

Painting into Life brings together a selection of Marie Perret’s beautifully reproduced intuitive paintings, accompanying texts & poems. Marie recounts how she came to work with intuitive painting and the ways in which it transformed her life. This book will nourish,inform and delight anyone interested in art and healing. Equally it will be will be an inspiration for artists, therapists and those who wish to explore the connections between creativity, spiritual healing and meditation. Painting into Life is an uplifting, grounded and deeply compassionate book. 

Marie Perret is a holistic healer, teacher, artist and writer. For more than 35 years she has lived and worked as a painter and tutor who guides others on their own paths of self-healing.  She evolved a holistic way of teaching intuitive painting and creativity called Art Synthesis. She is English & lives in the countryside in S.W.France.  


‘Painting into Life is a deep and beautiful book that bears witness to a life lived with integrity, intuition and creativity. It communicates a strong belief in the power and possibility of transformation.’     Dr. Alyson Hallett.

‘This book is a treasure trove of beauty, honesty, courage and a profound sharing which will be a life changing experience for some to read. What stands out is Marie’s intention to bring healing to both the individual and to the collective.’ June Fitzgerald 

‘Painting into Life is a precious gift that reveals the beauty of the depth of the feminine that we all, both men and women, carry within us and which can be brought forward and put to use for mankind and the Earth if we dare to open ourselves to our deeper reality.’ 
Annette Ikast 


How to buy Painting into Life : 

Buy at Pumbo online bookshop: Cost 35 Euros + postage.

© 2020 Marie Perret     Pumbo

ISBN  9782957146710

Dépôt légal :  Septembre 2020

It will not be available through Amazon

Pre-order with Marie :

If enough people pre-order the book and I order more than 25 at once the price may go down slightly.





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