Marie Perret runs Art Synthesis healing art workshops and training courses to help develop awareness and stability, free creative potential and life energy.

Women's Liberation by Marie Perret

Women’s Liberation 2007 by Marie Perret

She also offers

  • personal development workshops linked to self healing and mindfulness
  • individual counselling sessions to support the creative process and to help people deal with life changes and crises
  • therapeutic work with creativity and mindfulness aiming to help people free their creative potential, so that suffering in is reduced and well being happiness increased

Workshops take place at Blanchville House in County Kilkenny, Ireland and at her home Centre du Vallon in South-West France.

Marie has written several articles and a book “Healing Art” that is published in English and German.

The Events page shows all of the dates currently scheduled. I will offer more workshops during 2018  and will put information about these on the site in due course and also send out e mails to previous workshop participants.