Healing Art

Transformation through Creative Expression

Marie Perret has explored the connection between expression, art and awareness for many years. Originally trained in transpersonal psychotherapy,  meditation and spiritual healing she evolved a wholistic way of working with creativity using intuitive painting  called ‘Art Synthesis.’  For the last 25 years she has been running workshops and training courses at her home in S.W. France and in Kilkenny Ireland.

Working regularly with spontaneous creativity is a natural method of ‘cleansing the mind’ in order to unfold its true potential. This will strengthen our contact to our true nature that has often been buried behind fear and conditioning. It will reveal unknown dimensions of ourselves, help us to be independant, to trust in our own feelings and choices, and encourage us to move from being passive to being active and responsible in our lives and to expressing in a natural way.

Marie is an inspiring teacher, gently leading people to overcome creative blockages and to connect to the immense creative resources that lie within. Her focus is on spontaneous creative expression as a natural connection to a self healing process, to vitality and to life.

Since 1986, when she began working with spontaneous painting, clay modelling, intuitive singing and creative writing, she has painted hundreds of paintings herself and has written several articles and a book about her work.