I always thought that I could not paint, I dared myself to come and am amazed at what happened, at the joy I feel and the energy I have now.

‘I had always believed that painting was reserved exclusively for talented artists,and was amazed to find that it was open to everyone, and the only limitations were those that I put on myself. In the peaceful surrounds of Blanchville House, time lost all meaning, One day melted into the next ……All pressures and stresses disappeared. Painting, meditating, eating, walking, painting again…all the while, supported by other members of the group, and by Marie, a most empathetic and encouraging facilitator.’

These workshops have been life changing for me – not only have I discovered that I CAN paint and that I love what I do but I have discovered a wonderful way of focusing and calming myself down which has helped me to overcome the panic attacks I struggled with.I am so happy to have discovered these workshops, to have met Marie and her compasssionate and feeling way of being and working.

Being in the safe space of that special room, there was an unknowing, exciting, evolving exploration of self with the paper on the wall. There was freedom, kindness that was non judgemental and permission to explore one’s potential !! And the effects continue and continue!!!

Love this way of working, I feel that my soul is unveiled to me. It brought me to a very different place in my life.

I have always enjoyed Art. However in my own Art Work I had put all my focus on the finished product which I intended to exhibit publicly. Marie Perret’s Art Synthesis Workshops helped me tremendously to free myself from this goal-oriented approach,and instead loose myself in the creative process. Marie’s highly professional, extremely gifted and sensitive guidance enabled me to fearlessly and trustingly dive into the nothingness of the blank white page without any preconceived plan and let my own inner intuition surface and lead the way. With each creative activity during these workshops, I felt more and more connected with my own body and inner being and was able to experience healing relaxation and utter joy. Marie’s workshops have been a true blessing to me.

I have come to a place of curiosity filled with compassion, a place of befriending my inner critic, a place of being willing to allow space for that delicate new shoot to exist.

A quiet space inside me emerges in the structure and support of the workshops. In that quiet space a universe of creative expression is waiting to voice its abundance.

Each workshop is a journey into myself enabling me to express parts of me not usually accessed in daily life, to deepen and expand my awareness.

I still hold the profound experience of being at the last workshop. The abundance of painting materials gave so much permission to ‘stretch’ my creativity. It filled me with inspiration and brought many insights.

The groups have enriched me personally and have given me so much that I now use in my therapeutic work with others.