Marie’s new book Painting into Life now available


 Painting into Life

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I am pleased to tell you that my new book is now available. 

It is a beautiful hardback book with 60 large colour reproductions, texts, poems and chapters describing how intuitive painting shaped my life. 

Here is the back cover text: 

Painting into Life brings together a selection of Marie Perret’s beautifully reproduced intuitive paintings, accompanying texts & poems. Marie recounts how she came to work with intuitive painting and the ways in which it transformed her life. This book will nourish,inform and delight anyone interested in art and healing. Equally it will be will be an inspiration for artists, therapists and those who wish to explore the connections between creativity, spiritual healing and meditation. Painting into Life is an uplifting, grounded and deeply compassionate book. 

Marie Perret is a holistic healer, teacher, artist and writer. For more than 35 years she has lived and worked as a painter and tutor who guides others on their own paths of self-healing.  She evolved a holistic way of teaching intuitive painting and creativity called Art Synthesis. She is English & lives in the countryside in S.W.France.  


‘Painting into Life is a deep and beautiful book that bears witness to a life lived with integrity, intuition and creativity. It communicates a strong belief in the power and possibility of transformation.’     Dr. Alyson Hallett.

‘This book is a treasure trove of beauty, honesty, courage and a profound sharing which will be a life changing experience for some to read. What stands out is Marie’s intention to bring healing to both the individual and to the collective.’ June Fitzgerald 

‘Painting into Life is a precious gift that reveals the beauty of the depth of the feminine that we all, both men and women, carry within us and which can be brought forward and put to use for mankind and the Earth if we dare to open ourselves to our deeper reality.’ 
Annette Ikast 


How to buy Painting into Life : 

I am in the process of setting up the link so that people can order directly from the printers- it was more complicated that I thought to set this up , and it should be up and running next week .

In the meantime you can buy Painting into Life by e mailing me :  artpeinture8@gmail.com








Ripples on the Water – Bob Moore’s Spiritual Impulse

Ripples on the Water – Bob Moore’s Spiritual Impulse 

Edited by Annette Ikast 

Ripples on the Water is an appreciation of the life and work of Bob Moore, a gifted healer and spiritual teacher born in Northern Ireland in 1928.In 28 chapters long time students share their memories and reflections about Bob Moore and the lasting influence he had on their lives.  

Marie Perret contributed one of the chapters in which she writes at length about her work with intuitive painting. She also proof read the English version of the book. 

Published July 2019 


ISBN 978-87-4301-712-7  


Summer Creativity Week


Summer Creativity Week

Intuitive Painting, Nature and Awareness.




Nature Mandala copy small                        Saint Leon Boucle Vézère copy
I invite you to join me for this summer’s Intuitive Painting, Nature, and Awareness workshop .
Throughout my life I have always felt deeply connected to and uplifted by my contact to nature and have created this workshop that combines experience in nature with creative expression work. We will spend time each day in contemplation in nature -the beautiful natural surroundings in this area are a perfect setting for this workshop. My aim is to allow the beauty and peace of nature to draw you into your ‘inner nature’ & towards a state of relaxation and awareness that naturally facilitates access to your intuition. You will be gently guided into a preparation process in connection with the periods in Nature. You will then be supported to explore & express your feelings using art materials & to connect to the immense creative resources that lie within you.
You will be painting freely & spontaneously on large sheets of paper using a palette of 18 beautiful colours, and also intuitive drawing. You will be using simple meditations, energy awareness exercises, writing, & dream interpretation to support & enhance your creative work. Daniel Perret Musician & Music Therapist will join us for a session where we will explore the connection between our paintings and improvised music/sound. You will learn to interpret the symbols, colours & forms in your art works, to integrate your ‘vision’ & intuitive wisdom to enrich your daily life. Our approach encourages you to let go of limitations, access your inner source & open your heart to a new experience of yourself & others. No previous art training or artistic ability is required to follow the courses. Our approach to meditation aims to develop mindfulness & inner harmony & is non-religious.
Daniel Perret: Musician & Music Therapist will co-lead one session . Daniel is the author of several books on Healing and Music.
Our programme during the week will be flexible taking into account the weather & the group energy.


There is a maximum of 8 people in the group.
We live on a wooded hilltop above Sergeac village, not far from the Vezere River, between Montignac, Les Eyzies & Sarlat. There is lovely countryside all around where we live. We will be working in a light, airy course room and lovely studio in the heart of nature – you can see open fields & trees from the windows. The group starts at and finishes after lunch on with time each day to relax, explore nature & to swim in the nearby lake. We live in beautiful natural surroundings in an area that attracts many visitors each summer. Why not combine the course with a few extra days holiday, as there is a wealth of things to enjoy here?


Typical Day:
9.30 – 13.00     Group activities with juice/tea break during the morning
13.00 – 15.00    Lunch break, time to relax in nature or to swim in the lake,
15.00 – 18.00    Group activities with juice / tea break during the afternoon


There are different types of accommodation close to Le Vallon. I will help you to find accommodation and can give you addresses of houses, camp sites and hotels close by. Because it is the main holiday season it is obviously best to book your accommodation as soon as possible.
Lunches are included in group fee. Lunch is a simple salad meal with fresh organic vegetables, cheese, fresh bread, and fruit or dessert. As much as possible organic products are used, and eggs, milk products and fish are included. Lunch is served outside overlooking the garden.Please let me know when you book if you have any special dietary requirements.
For other meals you have the choice of either buying & cooking at your accommodation or going out to eat in one of the many good quality / reasonably priced cafés & restaurants that abound in the nearby villages. Prices range from between 10- 25€ for a 3 course meal.
 COURSE VENUE: Centre du Vallon, 24290 Sergeac, Dordogne.
  Local Transport: There is almost no public transport in this area. Local taxis are an option. It is possible to rent bicycles.  Plazac Taxi service: M. Hamard Tel: 05-53-50-68-62
 TO BOOK :   The Workshop fee is 450€. This includes daily group tuition, lunches and all refreshments in the pauses, cost of all art materials, booking of your accommodation if you wish, plus organisation. It does not include travel or accommodation costs, cost of meals outside what is mentioned above, transport costs in France. To book your place on the workshop send a cheque with a deposit of 225€ made payable to Marie Perret with your booking to the address below. By return you will receive a receipt, a map and practical information. Balance of 225 € must be paid in full on Monday 18th July .Please include your name, address, birth date and telephone number, profession, and present activity. If you have not worked with me before please add a short account of your personal development/creative arts experience. Complete the booking form below and return with your deposit. Apart from exceptional circumstances, your balance is non-refundable, unless someone else takes over your place.
Please note that I am very willing to help you with travel, accommodation or other arrangements and general questions.
ABOUT THE AREA :  In 1989 we came for week’s holiday to this area, the ‘Périgord Noir’ part of the Dordogne. We fell so much in love with the place that soon afterwards we came to live here. French people from other parts of France, as well as many foreigners, nature lovers & tourists are drawn here looking for peace, sunshine and the quality of life (including good food and wine) that is possible here. There is a wonderful stillness and great peace in the countryside – people often say that it is like England was fifty years ago.  Many people come here to meditate, to do retreats, and to draw on the strength of nature’s healing energy in this place. It is a lovely area for a holiday, a place to deeply relax and unwind.
The Black Perigord is known for its medieval limestone villages and fairy tale castles that nestle in soft rolling hills surrounded by oak and chestnut forests and fields of sunflowers and sweet corn. During the week’s retreat we will devote our time to being in nature & to our creative work.  Should you wish to combine the week’s retreat with a holiday before or afterwards there is a wealth of things to do here – there are meandering rivers for canoeing and lakes for swimming, it is also possible to go horse riding. It is an ideal place to walk. For those who like to sit and dream, there are many special and magical places to see. There are 1800 castles and mansions in Dordogne. Tibetan Buddhists attracted by the peaceful atmosphere established several monasteries close to where we live forty years ago.
Close to where we live is the picturesque village of Plazac that has a café & a restaurant, a post office, a village bakery, & a large wholefood supermarket that sells wholemeal bread & organic fruit and vegetables. 15 minutes away is Montignac, a small country town, home of the famous Lascaux cave paintings that has a variety of shops, excellent restaurants, cafés, a post office etc. Sergeac and Montignac are situated on the Vezere River and this area has been called the Valley of Man, as it is here that many important prehistoric sites have been discovered. France’s new national Prehistory Museum is situated in Les Eyzies, 20 minutes drive from Sergeac. The Vezere valley was one of the last strongholds of the Knights Templars and Catharism spread up to this area in the twelfth century. Within half an hour of Plazac there are several small towns that hold regular colourful markets. One such town is Sarlat, a virtually unspoilt medieval market town that has a famous Saturday Market, many tourist shops, and beautiful architecture. About one and a half-hours journey away is the town of Rocamadour, situated on a hillside in a dramatic landscape. This was one of the main pilgrimage places in the Middle Ages, several kings and emperors climbed the steps on their knees to visit the miracle working Black Madonna. This area is on the pathway of the famous Route to St. Jacques de Compostella. It is a region full of history and magic; it is very unspoilt, the people live from tourism and farming there is no heavy industry in this region
                   Perigord Castle copy small             Saint Leon Castle copy small

‘The morning sun, the new sweet earth, and the great silence’


  • BOOKING FORM - Please copy and fill in and return by post with your cheque and by e mail :

  • I wish to attend the ‘ Vision Quest’/ Creativity Retreat in France
  • Name & Address
  • Tel.    Home :                                                                               Work:                                                                            Mobile:
  •       E mail address:
  • Profession :
  • Date of Birth
  • Special dietary requirements :
  • Accommodation:
  • How do you plan to you travel here?
  • Would you like to be put in contact with other group members so that you can travel together?

I enclose deposit 225€ (cheque made out to Marie Perret, you can also pay using online banking directly into my bank account)

 Send your booking form & deposit of 225 €  directly to:

MARIE PERRET, Centre du Vallon,  24290 Sergeac FRANCE

Tel: 0033-553-50-80-38    

E-mail: artpeinture8@gmail.com    www.marie-perret.com

By return post you will receive a receipt, a map and practical information.



2 Day Meditation & Healing seminar 27th -28th February 2020


2 Day Meditation & Healing seminar

27th-28th February 2020


Thursdays & Fridays  9.30 a.m – 5.00 p.m


Venue: ‘Shambala’, Carrickmourne 


We will focus on the practice of meditation & energy awareness exercises sometimes using colour & sound, and dream work. The following themes are important in my teaching: 


  • Purpose & direction in our lives

  • Recognition & expression of our qualities 

  • Coping with change and obstacles 

  • Inner strength, love, guidance & trust

  • Mindfulness & spirituality in daily life

These two-day seminars offer you the opportunity to connect to your process and to your inner guidance in a small supportive group. There is time for in personal reflection, sharing and exchange.

My approach to Spiritual Healing and Meditation is inspired by my long time study of with Bob Moore (for 20 years 1978-1999) & my personal & professional experience with meditation and creative expression.  Other inspiration includes studies and practice of Iyengar Yoga, Tibetan Buddhism – Namkai Norbu (Dzogchen), Sufi teacher Irina Tweedie, C.J. Jung and Creation Spirituality.

Cost:  € 200 per group for 4 participants & €140 per group for 6 participants. 

This includes lunch & refreshments on both days


Bookings: By e mail  to : marie.perret8@gmail.com

There is a maximum of 6 places in each group. Once we have exchanged e mails please send €70 deposit to reserve your place to me c/o Judith Ashton, Shambala, Carrickmourne Thomastown, Co Kilkenny.  







Drawing Water from our own Well 20th -23rd February 2020

Intuitive Painting & Meditation Workshops in Kilkenny Ireland 

 Drawing Water from our own Well 

20th-23rd February, 30th September -1st October, & 18th-21st February 2021 

(book each workshop 3 months in advance )

Wells connect the surface of the land with the water that emerges from deep within the earth and in psychological terms this symbolizes the wisdom of the unconscious, the depth within that we can access and learn to nurture.

These workshops provide a space to move from an outward focus at the surface of our lives to a more inward focus deep within the self. During the 4 days our work with meditation/body mindfulness practice, creative writing, teaching on creativity and group sharing help you relax, sink into your “own well” and connect to your creativity. Daily intuitive painting sessions bring you into your own flow of colours and images that will provide insight and healing and your work will be as unique as you are. What is natural and beautiful within you will be expressed as you let go and allow your creativity to flow.

 Our focus is on intuitive painting ‘art as meditation’ that draws us into the present moment and into the stillness that lies beyond thought, busyness and changing circumstances. Besides the inspiration and pleasure that colourful self-expression brings this approach increases the means to recognise and nourish stability, peace and joy in our daily lives. No previous experience or art training necessary.


 The workshops will encourage you to:

 - explore and deepen your connection to your creativity 

-find your own unique way of painting

- move from limitation to greater awareness

-explore and connect to depths of feeling and insight

- feel the joy of spontaneous expression

-recognize and appreciate your own qualities 


 Cost: €390 for one workshop, €375 each for 2 workshops 

All art materials, photocopies, and refreshments in the pauses are included in the price.

Lunches: We provide delicious ‘as organic as possible’ lunches daily at a cost of €45 per workshop. This is payable in cash on the first day.

Accommodation: In single rooms is available at Blanchville either in the main house or in one of the 2 Coach Houses at a very reasonable rate.

There are 12 places in each workshop so early booking is advisable. All workshops, begin at 9.45 a.m. on the first day and end at 4 p.m. on the last day.

Please note that because Monica is receiving many bookings for private weekend parties it is so helpful for me to have advance bookings for workshops to be sure of having accommodation at Blanchville.

Intuitive Painting & Awareness Workshop


Intuitive Painting & Awareness : 16 Day Ongoing

This series of 4 ongoing workshops is designed for people who wish to explore and deepen this inspiring and colourful path of self-nourishment and self-discovery. The focus is on intuitive painting, with teaching on creativity and awareness, meditation/body mindfulness practice, creative writing and group sharing. The daily periods of quiet meditation allow us to connect to our inner world of feeling. During the intuitive painting sessions we express our own images and visions on large sheets of paper using a palette of many bright colours.


Intuitive painting as regular practice is an evolving process that brings self-discovery on many levels, emotional, mental & spiritual, depending on what we need. It is always about freeing ourselves from restrictions and thus going deeper into creativity and into life. Intuitive painting ‘art as meditation’ draws us into the present moment and into the stillness that lies beyond thought, busyness and changing circumstances. Besides the inspiration and satisfaction that colourful self-expression brings, this approach increases our means to recognise and nourish stability, peace and joy in our daily lives.


These workshops are experiential – as you explore your own creative expression so you will learn through your own and others experience. This will increase your sensitivity and awareness in your work with others. Sharing in a supportive group atmosphere is an invaluable part of the learning experience. No previous art skills are required to attend this workshop


I will encourage you to make an illustrated folder with the photographs and creative writing from each workshop.


Cost: The total cost of the series is €1440 (€360 each workshop.)

All art materials, photocopies, and refreshments in the pauses are included in the price.    


Lunches: We provide delicious ‘as organic as possible’ lunches daily at a cost of €45 per workshop. This is payable in cash on the first day.

Accommodation: In single rooms is available at Blanchville either in the main house or in one of the 2 Coach Houses at a very reasonable rate.



Booking and payment schedule : for 16 Day Ongoing Workshop ( Book by 1st July at latest )

 Total cost: €1440

Send your inscription with a deposit of €440 to Marie c/o Judith Ashton, Shambala, Thomastown Co Kilkenny. If you prefer you can pay the fees directly into my account. I can send you details of how to do this. Once you have paid your deposit we reserve the right to retain the full fee, except in an emergency or unless someone else takes your place.  


Formation: Peinture Intuitive & Pleine Conscience en 6 weekends

Formation expérientielle de  Peinture Intuitive et Pleine Conscience Partie 1  

Misako copy 

au Centre du Vallon  F-24290 Sergeac / Dordogne

​​​​​​​​​​​​Cet apprentissage en Peinture Intuitive et Pleine Conscience vous offre une formation « expérientielle » sur la créativité et l’expression de soi. Les matériaux artistiques sont utilisés comme moyens pour développer la concentration, la confiance et la persévérance dans le processus de créativité. Il s’agit d’une approche d’enseignement délicate, générant espace et respect pour le courant créatif qui s’échappe naturellement de toutes restrictions, créant une ouverture vers des degrés plus profonds de sensibilité et de conscience s’exprimant d’abord par des couleurs, des images, des formes, des rêves, puis par le partage et l’écriture créative.

Vous apprendrez à vous laisser guider par votre intuition, à comprendre les obstacles, à discerner les blocages ou les croyances limitatives et à les contourner pour que le flot de votre créativité puisse couler librement.

Le meilleur moyen d’appréhender la force de transformation et de guérison du processus de créativité est de l’expérimenter. L’expérience acquise par votre propre travail de créativité et de la réflexion qu’il vous suggère, vous aidera à développer la compréhension et la clarté dans votre vie et dans votre travail avec les autres.

 Juliana & Gang france

9-11 octobre : durant ce 1er weekend, nous jetterons les bases de l’approche de l’expression créative que nous développerons lors des weekends suivants. Ce module sera consacré à la compréhension et l’exploration du rôle de la créativité et de la libre expression dans nos vies, sa connexion avec la santé, le bien être et le développement personnel. Je vous parlerai de l’aura, de l’anatomie subtile, des chakras et de leur connexion/relation avec la créativité. Nous ferons des exercices mettant en œuvre la conscience de l’énergie reliée à la respiration, les couleurs et les sons afin de développer notre expérience et compréhension de l’aura. Vous apprendrez comment l’expression créative vous permet de développer la présence à soi, la concentration, la confiance en soi et la joie. Je vous apprendrai comment relier votre conscience corporelle et vos émotions à votre expression, pour permettre ensuite l’émergence et le développement du processus d’auto guérison lié à votre guidance intérieure. Lors de ce w.e. nous dessinerons un peu mais nous ne peindrons pas.

novembre- avril : Dans chacun de ces 5 weekends, un temps sera consacré à l’étude empirique de l’expression créative, la peinture spontanée et le processus de travail personnel. Il y aura des périodes d’enseignement sur la créativité et l’art thérapie et durant cet apprentissage, nous explorerons les connections existant entre la Créativité, l’énergie subtile et la Méditation. Nous aborderons les thèmes suivants: créativité et expression de soi, peindre pour s’exprimer, utilisation et symbolisme des couleurs et formes, le processus créatif, l’art en tant que méditation. Aller vers l’inconnu, la source d’inspiration, d’intuition, sagesse intérieure, interprétation de la peinture et des rêves. Sons et couleurs.

Au fil des modules, je partagerai avec vous d’autres sources d’inspiration : En novembre, je vous montrerai certaines de mes peintures et vous évoquerai mon voyage à travers la peinture intuitive et la méditation.

En décembre, Arno Stern         En février : Sainte Hildegard Von Bingen

En mars : Carl Gustav Jung, le Livre Rouge et l’importance de la créativité dans son travail.

En avril : l’art brut et l’art abstrait de nos jours


Nicole & gang


La formation : S’adresse aux personnes ayant déjà l’expérience d’un travail en développement personnel et/ou en expression créative et qui désirent l’approfondir. Il s’adresse plus particulièrement aux thérapeutes, enseignants et à tous ceux et celles désirant élargir leur compréhension de la créativité et de la conscience de soi à des fins personnelles ou professionnelles. Vous apprendrez à travailler spontanément avec les matériaux artistiques pour mettre en valeur et développer votre propre expression créative. Je n’enseigne pas de technique artistique. Aucune connaissance ou capacité artistique préalables ne sont requises pour suivre cette formation. Notre approche de la méditation n’est là que pour développer la concentration et l’harmonie intérieure, et n’est reliée a aucune religion. Un certificat de participation sera délivré à la fin du stage. La formation est prévue pour 7 personnes.

Horaires : Chaque module démarre le vendredi en fin d’après midi avec 2h d’enseignement de 18h30 à 20h30. Cette période sera consacrée à l’introduction du thème du weekend, à un temps de méditation et un partage en groupe. Samedi : 9h30 à 18h (7h) Dimanche : 9h à 16h30 (6h) Une pause de 1h30 est prévue le midi.

Prix: Le prix total du stage est de 1.080 €. Ce prix inclut tous les matériaux artistiques, les photocopies et les rafraîchissements servis pendant les pauses.

Inscription: Pour vous inscrire au programme complet avant le 1 septembre merci d’effectuer un versement d’arrhes de 500€  par chèque à l’ordre de Marie Perret. Cette avance concerne le stage complet. Le solde de 580€ devra être versé avant l’atelier de décembre. Si après avoir payé la première partie, vous désirez annuler votre inscription, nous nous réservons le droit de garder ce montant, sauf si une autre personne vous remplace. Aucun remboursement ne sera effectué si vous ne pouvez pas participer à un module.


Ouside Mandala Indian Hill

Veuillez envoyer directement votre inscription à : Marie Perret, Centre du Vallon, 24290 Sergeac. En retour, vous recevrez un reçu, ainsi qu’une liste des possibilités de logement et des restaurants des environs. Merci de bien vouloir inclure une photo récente, vos nom, adresse, date de naissance et numéro de téléphone, profession, activité actuelle, un résume de votre développement personnel et de votre expérience de l’art créatif, et ce que vous attendez de la formation.

Séances individuelles: Je vous encourage à venir me voir en séance individuelle (1h) avant le début de la formation en octobre et vers la fin de la formation pour revoir toutes vos peintures et discuter ensemble avec moi (2h). Le prix de ces 3h est 120 €.

Cadre: Le Centre se situe en plein cœur de la compagne. Nous travaillons dans des salles lumineuses et agréables. En été, nous mangeons dehors. Le lieu est propice aux promenades et le Lac de Tamnies qui est à 10 minutes en voiture nous offre une belle baignade.

Les repas:Le centre possède un petit coin cuisine. Les stagiaires s’organisent la plupart du temps pour mettre en commun ce qu’ils apportent afin de constituer les repas de midi. Une soupe chaude à midi est incluse dans le prix du stage en hiver. Les repas du soir sont laissés à votre initiative individuelle en dehors du centre.

Hébergements:Une liste peut vous être adressée, avec un choix varié d’hôtels, de chambres d’hôtes, d’appartements et de campings proches du centre.

Comment nous trouver : Le Centre du Vallon se trouve au Berboules dans la commune de Sergeac. Veuillez emprunter le D65 depuis Thonac (rive gauche) et la suivre en descendant la Vézère, laissez le bourg de Sergeac sur votre droit et montez la D65 jusqu’au la bifurcation sur la gauche après la borne du km 17 et le grand virage sur la droite. Montez : en sortant de foret vous apercevrez le panneau ‘Le Vallon’ –suivre la lisière sur 100m. Nous sommes la deuxième maison.

(15h de formation par weekend : 90h pour 6 modules)

Date Limite d’inscription le 1 septembre