About Marie Perret

Marie Perret was born in London. As a child she loved painting and drawing and dreamed of being an artist & archaeologist. She did not follow traditional art studies. After studying literature at university she decided to explore her feelings and intuition. This led her to an intensive study of the body/mind connection and to training in Iyengar yoga and also as a body psychotherapist. She then went on to an in depth study and practice of Transpersonal Psychology, Meditation,and Spiritual Healing at Psykisk Centre in Denmark.
​In 1986, whilst living in Switzerland and struggling to learn German she discovered Spontaneous Painting. She painted very regularly for four years and to her delight discovered that this was freeing her own creative energy and leading her to explore the depths of her own being.
​Painting was an amazing liberation for me.It was as though I had had a great river dammed up  inside me and spontaneous painting was like opening a sluice gate and letting the waters flow freely again.
Marie became fascinated by the creative process and its natural healing potential.  With her understanding of subtle energy and her practice and experience of meditation, she realised that creativity was not a luxury but of vital importance in human life.
​Spontaneous creativity gives the means to free vitality & life energy from restrictions. Besides the great joy in being free to choose colours and forms and play with art materials, a real self-healing process happens. When practised regularly, it is an extraordinary tool for self-exploration, taking us beyond blockages into a contact with our own wisdom and spiritual dimension.
Besides continuing to paint regularly, Marie has explored other forms of spontaneous creative expression – intuitive singing, clay modelling and movement – in her search to understand the healing aspect of creativity.
Marie has worked therapeutically with individuals and groups for many years. She has taught in England, Switzerland, France & Ireland in a variety of settings. She continues to share her fascination with creativity and lead others into a process of colourful self-discovery in her Art Synthesis groups and in individual  sessions. She also gives slide show/talks using her own paintings & talks about Creativity and Healing. She has written a book about her work with creative expression that has been published in German by Drachen Verlag in 2008 and in English by Books on Demand.

I feel as if finally I did become an art archaeologist, helping people to explore their inner depths and connect to the beauty of life through creativity.